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VinefIre, is a revolutionary concept, and a little hard to define. It is a mix between a traffic exchange network, and digg, where users vote on the quality of the links posted. The most voted posted links, will raise to the top, and stay much longer in the network, and also receive many more visitors.

Ok, let´s get to the point. How do you earn money with it?

– By clicking in links that other members posted. You earn 0.54 for each link

– By clicking in sponsor links. You earn 0.90 for each link clicked.

– By voting up in a link, you will earn 0.04.

– You will also earn 50% of other people you refer to the site, actions.

You can also, post your own links, and you will earn money, each time someone clicks it.

These values have been raised, often, and currently there is 20 Usd daily limit, to the amount you can earn. This limit can be raised, by paying a 5 usd, fee, and the new limit will be 100 usd, daily.

Sound fun, to you? Actually is fun, and also can be a little adictting. But once you reach the daily limit, you can stop.

Have you tried it? are you a member? Share your thoughts with us, use the comment section below.

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  1. Amanda
    May 20, 2009

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    I think this is a great concept all together.


  2. Mary Tate
    June 1, 2009

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    I paid $5.00 to Vinefire to be able to earn the $100.00 a day, but last saturday i was only getting 31 cents for the click and vote. I wanted to know why, can you get back with me.
    Mary Tate

  3. jessica
    June 17, 2009

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    I too joined Vinefire because it looked so different from the other hyped up sites, very user friendly too. Once you start clicking and seeing the digital record of your earnings, it becomes extremely addictive and you just don’t want to stop saying to yourself, “just another link”, to make it a round figure etc. furthermore, You come across some interesting web sites when you start clicking the sponsored links. However, although I too became a verified member by paying the $5, no way can you reach that $100 limit daily, unless you do nothing else, but click, click and click. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up as a scam like the other 99.9% sites on the web. I’m eagerly waiting to find out when they are really going to launch the site so that we can start getting paid.

  4. Mary Tate
    June 17, 2009

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    I was one that click click hundred a day looking at your earnings go up
    everyday, yes it can be addictive. Lets hope that vinefire will pay off as the time we all put in to this company. I agree that it is user friendly too and willing to wait on the money the last e-mail i recieved from vinefire.

    Vinefire is only paying me .31 cents each link .02 voting and no sponsor links
    that pay pay .90 cents. When i run my ad on vinefire they only pay .2 cents

    Wondering if any one on vinefire is getting the same amount money or more.

  5. Amanda
    June 17, 2009

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    Iam honestly hoping for the best on this for everyone.I hope everyone will be getting paid soon.Im hoping its not a scam either.Iam now only getting paid .23 cents per click.

  6. Daisy M Williams
    November 28, 2009

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    Iam also a member of Vinefire. I upgraded when I joined, I only get 31 cents per click. I am really hoping this is not a scam, I’ve heard take that this is only a scam and Vinefire is never gonna pay. So I decide to hang in there with them to see for myself. I like this program a lot and hope to continue to be a member with them and get paid also.

    I try to work on my program every day or as much as possible.

  7. jessica
    December 1, 2009

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    I joined Vinefire quite some time back and found it fun and addictive. Vinefire was the first and last thing on my agenda and I just couldn’t resist it. However, after a while I got a bit bored becoz the launch date kept on being postponed and I don’t know why. There are so many scam sites on the web and I’m really getting fed up of joining any program and wasting my valuable time without getting anything in return.
    I sincerely hope Vinefire is not one of them and that they are not taking us for a ride. Come on Vinefire start paying and we will get more and more people to join you. Make us trust you.

  8. Mary Tate
    December 2, 2009

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    I think i will be staying in as did here from vinefire said get back in a
    few weeks,it sound like vinefire may have sold the website.

    Vinefire has been waiting to sell the site and we may get paided,lets hope so
    I’m on Soc./Sec. i could sure use the money right now, about to lose my house
    and car. I’m counting on vinefire to pay all thats due to everyone.

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