April 28, 2009

VineFire Review

VinefIre, is a revolutionary concept, and a little hard to define. It is a mix between a traffic exchange network, and digg, where users vote on the quality of the links posted. The most voted posted links, will raise to the top, and stay much longer in the network, and also receive many more visitors.

Ok, let´s get to the point. How do you earn money with it?

– By clicking in links that other members posted. You earn 0.54 for each link

– By clicking in sponsor links. You earn 0.90 for each link clicked.

– By voting up in a link, you will earn 0.04.

– You will also earn 50% of other people you refer to the site, actions.

You can also, post your own links, and you will earn money, each time someone clicks it.

These values have been raised, often, and currently there is 20 Usd daily limit, to the amount you can earn. This limit can be raised, by paying a 5 usd, fee, and the new limit will be 100 usd, daily.

Sound fun, to you? Actually is fun, and also can be a little adictting. But once you reach the daily limit, you can stop.

Have you tried it? are you a member? Share your thoughts with us, use the comment section below.

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