Date published: 11/09/2017
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February 7, 2009 review. Test for FREE

Mike Geary’s,  is currently the most sold fitness ebook on the Internet. Mike is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. I found some article wrote by him, in the most respected magazines, in this field, wich reassures his credibility. There are many Abs and fitness programs available in the internet, but what makes Mike´s fitness program,,  stand from the crowd, is the combination of diet and meal sugestions with highly efective workouts, combined with the right cardio trainning. No, you will start dieting, and you will not have to starve for food, in order to start having good abs. All you have to do is just be carefull, and exclude some elements of your food. No pills will be used, just natural and common food. This 117 pages, ebook, is suited for everyone, men or women, who want to loose some weight and flatten their tummy. The E-book,, is divided in 3 sections. The first one, is introductory, and gives you some important details, about how to burn extra calories, doing the proper abdominal exercices, body mass, and body fat percentage.

In section 2, you will be introduced to the workout list, that can be done at your home, or at the gymn. Pictures are included, in order to help achieving how exercices should be correctly done.

In Section 3, of, you will learn about diet and nutrition. What food to eat, and what to avoid. Included are a comprehensive daily diet timetable, the basics in determining your calorie requirement, and how it should serve as a guideline for your daily intake. He also exposed the truth behind crash and fad diets, and why it doesn’t work.

At the date i am writing this review, of, the price is a pleasant surprise. Mike is running a promotion, where you can try his fitness program just paying $4.95. The regular price is $39.95. You will pay $4.95 upfront, and the remaining $35 one month later. If you don´t like, you can cancel the payment, and like any other product/service processed by clickbank, ask for the refund of the $4.95.

It’s risk-free to give it a try.