February 7, 2009, review, reviewIf you are a avid movie and/or tv shows enthusiast, or simply if you regularly get out of home, to rent something to watch in your tv, then the, can be an extremely affordable and comfortable alternative, to keep doing what you already do. Watch a movie, or tv show, in the comfort of your home. The price for one year membership is a little less than 30 dollars, and the lifetime membership is 35 dollars. Even if you sign up, for the one year memberhsip, since a movie rental in a store, cost about 6 dollars, after watching 6 movies using the online service, the membership would have been paid. The more enconomical and advisable option is the lifetime membership, that cost 35 dollars. It is a one lifetime payment, that makes you a member for your entire life.

They have a online database of more than 80 millions movies, tv shows, musics, games, and sports events. Most of their database is movies.

Unlike some other downloads sites, they do not have any bandwidth or daily download limits. You can spend the all day, watching  the movies you want to see.

If you don´t have the software to burn cd´s or dvd, the site will provide it. They also have

They also give you for free the software needed to transfer your downloads to your iPod or PSP. I tried transferring a movie to iPod and it worked great, quick and painless. Their member are has online tutorials and Query&Answer areas, that help the new members, to get started.

This a clickbank service, so there is a 60 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the service provided. Your money will be refunded, without any questions.

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