July 28, 2012

Spy On Iphone Without Jailbreaking. How To Spy On Iphone Without Jailbreaking

So, you want to know how to spy on iphone without jailbreaking?

spy iphone no jailbreak

Stay with us because we will tell you how can do it, possible uses, and even how to test it for free….

There are many spy software in the market that allow to spy iphones, and any other smartphones available. However they almost all require to install the software in the target iphone, which is the iphone that you want to spy on.

This raises many problems, because you will have to hold the iPhone that you want to spy, open the browser with a internet conection active, type a web address and then wait two or three minutes (depending on the speed of the internet access), in order to have the spy software installed. This could be extremely difficult, because you will have borrow the iPhone from the person you want to spy, move away from that person, and do the spy iPhone software installation, and pray that you will not be caught. Well, if you have cold blood, like a secret service operative, you can always do it in front of the iPhone owner, saying that you are checking your personal email …. or something else that you can remember of.

But before doing this spy iPhone software installation, the iPhone need to be jailbroken, because only software available in iPhone application store can be installed without jailbreak. All spy software is not available in the iPhone store, for obvious reasons. This can be a little tricky and expensive to do. And also not meant for the less technical person.

Since most of us, are not secret services spys, and do not want to get in trouble, before even start to spy someone´s iPhone, that we are suspicious of, there should be a solution. And in fact there is and advanced spy iPhone software solution, that allows to bypass this cell phone monitoring without jailbreaking iPhone problem. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, check the below image that describes this advanced solution for spy on iPhone without jailbreaking….

Another advantage of the this advanced IPhone Spy Without JailBreaking solution, is that you will not have to hold the Iphone you want to spy, and also is not necessary to  download and install software in the target Iphone.



This spy software installation process, solves the problem of jailbreaking the iPhone that you want to spy, and also installing the spy iPhone software, in the cell of the person that you want to spy.

How? Simple. You will receive your private members area in the Iphone Spy Software Website, and there all you have to do is enter the ICloud Credentials (Apple ID), of the Iphone you want to spy. No Jailbreak, and no software to install. You can also spy the Ipad or the Android Tablet. Another option is spying the persons computer.

However, if you really do not mind to jailbreak the Iphone, you will be able to use some extra spy features. If you have a techie friend that knows how to do it, then ask for his help. If you do not have such a friend, you can always go to a store that does this service, or if you prefer to keep your privacy you can use apple unlocker online service.

And what about the price?

There are many possibilities and also prices, and the lowest price starts at 35 USD.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, the software is sold by a well known payment processor, Avangate (your credit card will show a payment to Avangate, and will not mention spy software), and there is a 10 days money back guarantee. All you have to do is keep the email receipt, and keep it for the first 30 days. If you do not like the software all you have to do is claim the money back guarantee, and your money will be returned, without any questions asked.

I am not going to describe all the features, and possibilities of this iPhone spy software, that requires no jailbreaking in the target phone, because that was not the purpose of this post. If you want to move ahead and start spying that iPhone without jailbreaking it, click the link below, and visit the vendor´s website


Spy on iPhone without jailbreaking