May 9, 2010

Socrates WordPress theme, review

It does not matter if you already know how to use a wordpress blog, or that you are a complete beginner that never made a blog, or even made a website. The Socrates Worpress Theme, will help you, will be extremely valuable in both situations.

You may want to have a blog, for start earning money online, or just for fun, but in both cases, you will need to have visitors in your wordpress blog, for personal satisfaction and recognition, or for earning some serious cash online. And that´s where having a blog with a unique design starts to be of crucial importance.

Visitors will come from the search engines, like google, yahoo and bing. But in order to have this visitors, you will need to satisfy the search engines, by having a blog with a unique design. You see, if your blog has the same design, that other some hundreds of thousands of blogs, search engines will think, that your blog is just another blog, without importance. On the other hand, by having a unique design, you will start to stand out from the crow, and will be rewared with visitors in your blog.

And that´s where the socrates wordpress theme, is extremely helpfull, because it will alow you easily, and as fast as 10 minutes, to have a unique and beatifull design. The alternative will be to hire a web designer, wich will cost you much more time and money. Or if you know how to deal with php and css codes, you can do it yourself, but even in this situation, that will cost you much more time, and time is money.

If you are complete newbie to blogging, and making money online,  after joining the socrates theme, you will have access to step by step videos, that will show you all, from buying a domain name for your blog, the push button wordpress instalation, and how to make money with you blog.

I am going to rate this product with the maximum rate, 5. It does everything it promises, and it is continually being improved.

Since the Socrates WordPress theme, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can use it, and if it does not work for you, then ask for a refund. Like any other clickbank product, it can be refunded, without any questions being asked. Just keep the email receipt.

This is a risk free trial.

If you want to see it in action, click below and watch the video

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