November 20, 2008

Make Money Taking Review



There are many websites that offer paid surveys services to their members. Some require the payment of a monthly membership, and others just require one lifetime payment, or one year membership., is in the last category, and requires one yearly payment, in order to receive information about paid surveys. The regular yearly cost is 79.90 Usd, but they regularly make a 50% discount, wich means that probably you can buy the yearly subscription for 39.95 Usd.

If you buy it at half price, you will recover your initial investment, after doing between 1 to 4 surveys, that will be sent to your email account, or to your home address via regular mail.

Doing surveys at home is an excelent way to make some extra money. You don´t have any obligation to the company, and you will only do the surveys you want, whenever you want.

Their membership is sold through Clickbank, and has an eight week refund period. If you are not happy with the service, even if you already made money doing surveys, you will have your initial investment money returned back, without any questions.

There are many similar websites, and the quality of their services ranges from very good to the scam category. An insider information, told me that their refund rate is 1,12%, wich means that only one customer in one hundred is not completely satisfied with their service. This is extremely good.

If you are needing some extra money, this is an excellent way to do it, since the there are absolutely no risk, and the task are easy to acomplish.

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