September 6, 2010

Mobile Monopoly, Review

Mobile Monopoly Review

Mobile Monopoly Review

Mobile Monopoly, was released by Adam Horwitz, on August 3rd, 2010.  Adam Horwitz, at the age of 20, is an successful entrepeneur, that profits some thousands dollar daily, from affiliate marketing.

Did you ever dreamed of beeing at the right place, at the right time, and get rich with it? Well, i think most of us already had this dream. At the begining of internet marketing, where advertisement costs were so cheap, it was almost impossible not earning money, even if you messed up and did it all wrong. Something similar is now hapening at the mobile advertising world. With 5 billions, and growing, mobile phone with internet access, there is a new world of possibilites beeing open. Advsertisement costs are still extremely cheap, but if you have already have experience with traditional internet maketing(computer based), let me tell me you that, the mobile world, has it´s own characteristics and what works, in the traditional internet marketing, might not work at mobile marketing.

It is a diferent world, where the screens are smaller, people browse the internet while they move, wich means that diferent methods, must be used, and some products and services that sell very well, while people are browsing the internet at home, using their computers, might not be possible to sell, in mobile advertising.

The trial and error methods costs time and money, and since it looks, that Adam already cracked the code for sucess, with mobile advertising let´s check, what he has to offer:

The Mobile Monopoly training program, consists of many proven blueprints, tutorial videos and software program

There are ten modules, inside the course

Module 1 – Getting Started. An overview of why mobile marketing is going to be the next big thing
Module 2 – The Methods. What methods work the best for mobile marketing
Module 3 – Ad Platforms. Adam shows several platforms & ad networks
Module 4 – Why Go CPA. Using CPA offers and what CPA networks are the best for mobile marketing
Module 5 – Clickbank Time. Promoting Clickbank products with mobile marketing
Module 6 – Get Physical. How to promote physical products with mobile marketing and what networks you should sign up with
Module 7 – Pay Per Call. Getting paid for every phone call you send to a business
Module 8 – Local Biz. Providing the local businesses in your area with mobile advertising services
Module 9 – Your Own App. How to create your own app and how to make the most money from it
Module 10 – Wrapping Up. Putting everything together with a proven blueprint

Besides the modules, there also some aditional bonuses:

Included with the course, is also supplied for free, The Secret Tool. This is a FREE software tool that allows you to create mobile optimized  squeeze pages in a few simple mouse click. Note you can’t use regular web pages on mobile phones because they won’t display right.

However if you wish to invest very seriously in mobile advertising, you should try the BeastMobi, the software that Adam developed to automatically generate mobile optimized landing pages. It can creates squeeze pages, banners, text messages, thank you pages – all optimized to be used on mobile phones. It even tracks your campaigns and provides you with critical statistics data. This tool has a recuring cost of $67/month, but it can be canceled at any time. You are planning to seriously work and invest in mobile advertising, you should give it a try. It will save you time and money.

Want to know if will it work for you? There is a way you can try it risk free.

Like any other clickbank product, Mobile Monopoly, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This means that you can buy the software, use it for a maximum of 60 days, and if you are not satisfied with the results, your money will be returned to you, without any questions beeing made. The only thing you must do, in order to have the 60 day money back guarantee, is keep the receipt that will be sent to your email during the 60 day period.

This makes it 100% risk free, to give it a try.

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