March 13, 2011

HCG reviews. A Review Of The HCG Diet.

HCG Reviews

HCG Reviews

Hello and welcome to this HCG Reviews. Let me tell you first of all, that this is a reviews page.

Back to our review, let´s start by checking what it is the meaning of HCG. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). This Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that exist in our body that burns fat. This diet makes a larger use of this hormone in order to help you achieving your desired and ideal weight.

The HCG diet started increasing popularity recently, due to the fact that some Hollywood movie stars, are using it to control their weight.

The biggest advantages of this weight loss system, over the more common and classic diets are:

– The lost pounds will be lost forever, and will not come back after you stop dieting (it can happen, but it is extremely rare).

– No exercice. Yes, you read it well, the exercice is not necessary, and it can even be discouraged. Just light exercices, if you really wish to exercice yourself.

– No starvation. You will be dieting for some days, but due to the very specific way the HCG diets works, you will not starve and you will not feel weak.

– It is safe without posing health problems.

– Makes you lose only the fat in excess, and not your lean mass muscle. This is where the other diets fail.

The image you see above, is the front cover of an ebook, and it is the subject of this HCG Reviews post. This downloadable digital book, was my first contact with this new world of HCG diets, and i must say, that was really a good start. The book was written in an extremely clear language, with a step by step aproach, but detailed enough, to allow me to know everything i should, about starting and finishing a sucessfull HCG weight loss diet. As you can see in the image the title is “HCG diet system”. Due to copyright issues, and respecting the author work,  i am limited in the amount of inside information i can give you about it. Let´s make a very brief check of what you will find inside each chapter(i can not tell you all…):

Chapter 1: HCG Diet: What Is It?

There is a limit to the amount of fat that you should loose. This is the big diference between the sucess of this diet, and the failure of other fat burning systems. This is why lost pounds in this system, will not come back after you stop dieting.

Chapter 2: The HCG Diet Plan: A Phase-By-Phase Approach

There are three phases. You will know what you can, and can not do in each phase. I promise that you will love phase 1.

Chapter 3: Is The HCG Program Right For You?

There are certain specific conditions, where this kind of diet is not recomended. Do not worry, because most of this conditions will not last forever, and after a certain time, you will be able to do this diet.

Chapter 4: HCG Diet And Exercise: Is It Necessary To Go To The Gym?

It is not necessary to do exercise in order to loose weight, and it is even discouraged, during some phases. However if you do really want to do exercise, know the guidelines you should follow, in order to loose fat forever.

Chapter 5: How Much Pounds Should You Lose?

This is one of the core chapters. Each individual has his own ideal weight. You will learn how to calculate your ideal weight. Knowing this information, will make the diference betweeen permanent success or failure.

Chapter 6: Getting Started: The Right Preparation

The things you should know and do, just before you start loosing your extra weight.

Chapter 7: Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid

the chapters name says it all. Make one of this mistake and you will fail to achieve your ideal weight.

This is an excellent ebook, that will teach you, all you need to know in order to make a sucessfull HCG diet, reaching the weight you always wanted to have. The information inside, is teached in a clear language, using a step by step aproach.

The ebook, is available to download, and the price is just $7. Yes, you read it well. Why just $7? Because, it is a digital book and there is no shipping costs, the planet trees will not be devastated, and it is environmental friendly.

If you feel that you are ready to learn to how loose weight, permanently, click the link below: