July 12, 2008

GoogleNemesis, review update. July, 12

The GoogleNemesis was updated. Three new videos are now available, to the google nemesis members:

  1. Beginner´s video – intro to Adwords & Clickbank
  2. How to spot the shadow elite
  3. Keyword research & product selection, overview

The most interesting, and valuable new bonus are the Adwords Miracle, and Google Wealth Wizard.

They are both introductory, and advanced google adwords guide, wich currently sell, respectively for,
$97 usd, and $77 usd. Both guides are available, for free, for the googlenemesis members.

Next week, Chris X, will release a monthly report on the hottest CB products & niches, along with a step-by-step illustrated guide to Nemesis.

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