July 2, 2008

Google Nemesis or GoogleNemesis?

Whatever will be the name, will it be the next internet automated money making machine?

The author of this, soon to be released, is Chris Chris “X”, the author of Day Job Killer, Affiliate Project X and Google Assassin … all big internet marketing best seller.

* Day Job Killer sold over 9,000 copies in its first week, breaking the previous ClickBank sales record Chris had set with his own Project X guide a few months earlier..

* Then, last November, Chris released Google Assassin, a ClickBank membership site which sold over 6,000 memberships at $67/month in its first week..

Chris X, is one of the biggest internet marketing stars, and the Google Nemesis will surely break new clickbank sales records.

What can be expected from this brand new, googlenemesis software?

Well lets start by investing the origin of the name. The name Nemesis, comes from the greek mythology, and was the ancient greek goddess of retribution. Since Chris “X” earns some millions dollars each year, working from home, doing affiliate marketing, what we can expect, is that is going to reveal and share some of his tacticts that allow him to earn, a some thousands dollars daily.

Two days before launch , we will give away one google adwords campaing, in wich he is profiting from between 1500 and 3000 Usd, daily. We will reveal, the ads, the keywords, the websites, … it will be a complete giveaway. He is achieving this daily profits with his brand new software Google Nemesis, wich we will unveil to the world, in next Tuesday, 8th July. The profitable adwords campaing, will be given away, and shown in a video in July 6th. This is beeing announced as new breedof software to automate Clickbank success in *ANY* market….

Do you want to see it? Will it be as it beeing announced, an automated money making machine?

Let’s wait and see …. i will be here to investigate, and review it!

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