February 8, 2009, review

fatloss4idiotsFatLoss4Idiots, is a online based dieting program. Their website is the 8th most visited diet website, and has been online since 2004. It started with the nameWeightLoss4Idiots, in july 2004, and  changed their name to FatLoss4Idiots in May 2005. Beeing around for many time is usually a good quality indicator. But let´s digg depper in what is FatLoss4Idiots.

This diet program is based in the scientifc theory of “Calorie Shifting”. Science proved that our body remembers our eating patterns, and even if you start eating less, the body will adjust and will start burning fewer calories. That explains why certain diets based in eating less, or stop eating specific foods, stop working after a certain period of time. The time that the body took to adjust himself to the new food habits.

Properly used, this calorie shifting, provides the body with what seems to be diferent food, in a randomized order, that doesn´t allow the body to adjust himself, since there are no more eating habits. The eating pattern ceases to exist, the metabolism is confused, and starts to release Glucagon, the fat burning hormone.

FatLoss4Idiots consists of a online diet generator, that will give you a 11 day diet plan. The word diet, is not the most indicated, since there will be no special restritions in the quantities, of what you will eat, but just in what will you eat. In this 11 days period, people will loss, acording to the website,  an average of 9lbs. After that, they will have a three day grace period, where they can eat whatever they want, in the quantities desired. If they are happy with their weight, they can stop the diet, otherwise, after this 3 day period, another cycle of 11 days dieting will be started. The second cycle, and so on, will have diferent foods, from the first one and so on…

I talked with many people who followed this dieting program, and the general opinion is that it works, and it is not hard to follow. They did not had to read any book, did not took pills, and it worked.

This service is provided by clickbank, the major online digital products payment processor, and like any other clickbank product comes with a 8 week money back guarantee. If you don´t like it, or if it does not work with you, just ask them for the complete refund of your money.

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