February 22, 2009

FapTurbo, the Forex Robot review

The foreign exchange market (Currency, Forex, or FX) market is where currency trading takes place. It is where banks and other official institutions facilitate the buying and selling of foreign currencies. Today, the FX market is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world, and includes trading between large banks, central banks, currency speculators, corporations, governments, and other institutions. The average daily volume in the global foreign exchange and related markets is continuously growing. Traditional daily turnover was reported to be over US3.2 trillion in April 2007.

Until a few years ago, trading in the Forex Market involved technical knowledge, and large amounts of money, and was not accessible to majority of people. Nowadays is possible to find a online broker, that let´s open you a account with just one dollar. It is also possible to have a demo account, where you are trading with virtual money, but with real live market conditions, in order to get familiar about how it works.

FapTurbo was launched in 25 November 2008, after a long testing period, and thousands of copies were sold in the first day. FapTurbo is a software robot  that analysis the market, looking for the best trades, and can automatically place the buying and selling orders, without any human intervention. It is extremely configurable, and it is possible to define the maximum amount involved in any buying or selling order.

Their producers claim that is success rate is 95,9%. Wich means that 95,9% of the orders placed by the software robot, are correct, and become profitable. I talked with people that are using the software, and they confirmed this success rate.  Some of this people, after they bought the software, conected it, to a demo account, to get familiar with it´s use, without risking real money. After a short test period, from one week, to a whole month, and after they saw successfull and profitable transaction done by the robot, they conected the software to a real forex account.

In the product´s website they show a live account, doing transactions at real time, and profiting.

Unlike similar forex robot products, FapTurbo, is not specialized with any currency pair. It is a multi currency forex robot software.

After buying FapTurbo, you will be taken to theirs member area, where you can download the software, written documentation, and you can watch trainning videos. They also have a forum, where members, can exchange ideas and experiences.

My sugestion, if you decide to buy it, is installing the software and conect it to a trade demo account, in order that you start feeling comfortable using the software. After watching how it works, and how profitable it can be, then conect it to a real account, with real money. This is definitely a good product, that allows people with no technical knowledge of the forex market, to achieve big earnings with it.

This software is sold trough clickbank, the biggest online digital merchant processor, and like any other clickbank product, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Since you can test the software with a trade demo account, and also you can ask for the refund of your money, if you don´t feel comfortable using the software, this is a 100% risk free buy.

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