February 4, 2009

Earth 4 Energy, review

Earth 4 energy, is a 73 page guide that teaches, step by step, how to build windmills, and solar panels. It also has two videos with important details, about working with the solar panel cells. The purpose of this manuals, are explaining very clearly, to the average person how to start taking advantage of having your own electricity. Depending of your house and your electricity power need, you might eliminate, or not, the monthly power bill. Anyways, even if you do not eliminate it, you will greatly reduce it, and easily recover the investment in this manual.

Click the play button, below, to watch the video review, and check what is inside Earth 4 Energy

The regular price is $89.95, but they regular do a promotion, where you can buy it for $47. Besides the investment in the manual you still have to buy the hardware. They claim you can buy it for under $200, in a regular hardware store. People that bought the Earth 4 Energy manual, and built the windmill and the solar panel, spent between $160 and $184, buying all the needed hardware.

The Guide author is, Michael Harvey, a passionate environmentalist, that brought his passion, into this ilustrated step by step manual, that will show you exactly how you can do the conversion.

The Earth4Energy guide is suitable for any type of home and is aimed squarely at helping the complete ‘novice’ who wants to save a few hundred bucks while helping to solve the worlds’ environmental and energy crisis.

Like any other clickbank product, this manual comes with a unconditional 60 days money back guarantee.

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