May 22, 2009

Day Trading Robot, Review

Day Trading Robot, Review

Day Trading Robot, Review

Day Trading Robot, is stock trading software, created be Jason Kelly. Jason is a computer programmer, that worked in conjuction with James Holt(one of the most successful day traders to date), to release this stock trading robot software.

James, is also a pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence, specialised in Artificial Neural Networks. James and Jason, worked for a small European Hedge fund, an when they both left this fund,  they decide to build their own software, wich is specialised in the Penny Stock market.

Let´s see how it works:

– Each trading day, the software download the data, from the stock market, and then uses the information, to build a chart for every stock, for the last seven trade days.

These charts are then compared to a huge database, of successfull trading patterns, that is kept in the robot software database. If a winning pattern emerges, then the software will investigate more deeply the stock. If it is confirmed that the stock value will raise, then the people who invested in the software will be notified by email,

If you decide to invest in this software, what you will be receiving will not be the software, but a lifetime subscription of penny stock alerts. Each time the software detects that a stok will go up, you will be advised, of what to buy, when to buy, how much to pay, and when you should sell.
As a subscriber of Day Trading Robot, you’ll receive a weekly newsletter in which one stock will be recommended. This is normally a penny stock which has the ability to rise between 90 – 120% within 24 hours of receiving the newsletter.

In his website, Jason has a video, where he shows, how he made $6082.60, trading stocks in a single tuesday morning.

I have used the robot myself, and must tell you that not all of the robot tips are good. Usually 80% are good, wich means that 1 in each 5, might not produce you profits. So, if you make the decision to invest in the day trading robot, do not invest all of you available money, in just one tip.

Also, take the following safety precautions:
• Trade only with spare money you can afford to lose.
• Don’t trade with borrowed money.
• Set a trading strategy and stick to it, no matter what.
• If the prospect of losing money on a trade causes you stress and emotional pain, find another way to build your wealth.

Like any other clickbank product, this stock trade robot, comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. No questions will be asked, and your money will be returned.

All you have to do to make this investment a risk free trial is, keep the purchase receipt and if you don´t like it, all you have to is as ask for a refund in

In the first weeks, you can read the tips, not invest real money, take notes, and watch the evolution, of the stock. When you feel confident, start using real money, and profit.

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